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Welcome to the MToolsFM project homepage!

MToolsFM is a graphical frontend for mtools. It allows access to DOS-formatted media without mounting. Previous versions of MToolsFM carried the name "mfm".

About mtools

mtools is a suite of command line utilities to access DOS-formatted media without mounting. This has some practical advantages since:

The commands in the mtools suite all start with "m" (mcopy, mdir, mmd,... ). These are DOS-commands with a leading "m". mtools ships with most linux-distributions. The disadvantage is that nowadays there are not many people who know about DOS-commands.


MToolsFM is based on mtools and provides a simple, easy to use file-manager interface for accessing DOS-formatted media. It takes advantage of mtools, but you do not have to learn the DOS-commands. Here is a screenshot:

MToolsFM screenshot

The two buttons in the middle are for copying.

License / Prerequisites

MToolsFM was developed by Christian Ospelkaus. It is free software licensed under the GPL. The application is based on the GTK+ toolkit included in all major linux distributions.

Building / Installing

The source code is available from the sourceforge.net mtoolsfm project website. RHEL4 rpms have been provided by Bob Manson. MToolsFM is included in Debian GNU linux since the "woody" release. To install in Debian, run (as root):

apt-get install mtoolsfm

To compile from source, follow the directions in the README file in the source tarball.